Managing Scripts - Add, Delete, Copy, Preview

Creating a strong script is one of the most important actions you can perform in the video production process. In this help article we will walk you through how to add a new script, delete or copy a script, and preview your script text.

Adding a New Script:

When you create a new project in ClipPress it will automatically create one new script with the name of the Project as the script title.

  1. Click the + Add Script button to the right of the script title
  1. Add your unique script title and click Create
  1. To toggle between multiple scripts click the drop down arrow to the right of the script title box
  2. To rename a script as needed simple click the text line below the script options, no need to click save it will automatically save the new name, when connected to the internet

Tip: When naming scripts it can help to add context information such as the person's name in the video or a script version # such as S1

Now you are ready to edit any script in the Edit window, again there is no need to click save when connected.

Deleting a Script

  1. Click the 3 vertical dots to the far right side of the line by the script title
  2. A dialogue box will appear asking for you to confirm the delete action, click Confirm or Cancel
    1. Tip: Once a script is deleted you can no longer retrieve it, so if you are unsure do not delete it instead you can copy & paste it to your computer or device beforehand.

This script is now deleted and on the remaining script will show in the dropdown options.

Copying a Script

Sometimes you want to create a new version of a script with only some minor changes for the Teleprompter, so we recommend you copy a script versus creating one from scratch.

  1. When viewing the script you want to copy, click the 3 vertical dots to the far right of the script title line
  2. Click Copy Text (see above)
  3. Click + Add Script to create a new script version to paste into:
  4. Create a custom title for your new script, click Create
  5. Click inside the Edit box and paste in (PC: control + V) (Mac: Command + V) your copied script
    1. Reminder: There is no save button in the script editor, if connected to the internet it will automatically save your script changes and a small green check will appear in the top right hand corner of the Edit / Preview box

Previewing a Script

As you are building your script you can preview the text as it will read on the Teleprompter at any time. Simply click Preview to view it.

Please note all your media additions, text overlays, editors notes and other script features will not show up in the Preview window. This is intended as not to distract the reader of the teleprompter during the video recording session. You can see line breaks to remind you where to pause for pace and emphasis.
A pair of square brackets, such as [], can also be used to insert text which will not show up in the Preview & teleprompter modes.

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