Upload Video From URL

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  • Upload from URL can load videos from other web sites into PitchHub
  • The URL must point a video file, such as an MP4 or MOV file
  • Non-video media are not supported (such as images, audio, documents)

Examples of URL's that will not work

  • A YouTube or Vimeo video link
  • A link to a web page that has a video embedded in it
  • A link to a "Streaming video"

Starting the upload

  • The upload can be started in a Project by choosing Upload from URL in the main dropdown menu
  • It can also be started using the Upload from URL option in the "file drop zone"

  • The following dialog window will be shown, where the title and URL can be entered
    • When the information is correct click Upload and the upload will start.
      • The Percent-Complete progress will not be shown because the transfer is taking place in "in the cloud"

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