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  • Question: Why is the downloaded MP4 thumbnail different from the thumbnail show for the video in PitchHub?
    • Answer:
      • A good thing to know is that thumbnails are not stored inside the MP4 file.
      • Every system (Windows, Mac, PitchHub, YouTube, Vimeo) has to define the association between the video file and a static image.
      • When videos are moved between systems, the thumbnail information is not moved and so a new association has to be made in the new system.


  • Question:
    • Answer:
      • There are some combinations of browsers + audio file formats that do not work for playback
      • The audio format that will always work is MP4.
      • Even if the website cannot playback and audio file the video editors will be able to use the audio files because they use Adobe Premiere which has wide support for audio file formats.

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