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Studio Teleprompter Settings

Entering Teleprompter + Camera 'Studio Mode'

PitchHub Studio has two components to the software: Teleprompter and Video recordings.

Teleprompter displays the Script for reading with font size, scroll speeds and other prompter settings to select

Camera allows you to capture video directly via a Web camera* connected to your computer

*Please note this setting will not operate directly on an iPhone or iPad at present (2022).

Using a 3rd party application such as Reincubate Camo, allows you to connect your iPhone to the computer to utilize as a webcam.

Follow these steps to use the Teleprompter.

  1. Once you have a Project script ready to capture. you can enter Studio mode using the button in the  Scripts tab.
  2. The Studio Mode allows your script to scroll according to the rest of the settings. 

Note: if the script is updated by another computer or browser tab, it will be updated automatically here.


Click on Settings icon on upper right corner to open or close the edit options.


The Home icon is used to go to the top of your script.

Add bookmark

You may bookmark one key area within your script. Scroll to that location and click the icon below to place your bookmark. A new bookmark icon will appear next to original to show the addition.

Go to bookmark

Once you have added a bookmark, click the new bookmark icon at any point and it will move your script to that designated position.


Click the Play button to begin the teleprompter. Click pause at any point to stop the teleprompter.

Script Selector

Toggle between scripts at any point by the drop down menu under the Script area show below.

Font Sizes & Slider

The recommended size of font is Medium (M), you also have options of Small (S) or Large (L). The Slider allows you to manually increase or decrease size to your preference.

Guide Position

The guide can be turned off completely or set to Top, Center, Bottom of the script.

Voice Scroll

To enable voice activated scrolling, enable Voice Scroll as shown below. You will need to allow microphone access for this feature. 



Once you enable the Voice Scroll and allow microphone access, your computer will automatically start Calibrating the background noise of your environment. Click Calibrate at any time to remeasure the background noise.

Exit Studio

Click on Exit Studio at anytime to exit out of the studio mode and back to the project edit mode.


  • Settings are stored as soon as they are selected.
  • Settings will not be stored by most browsers when in "Private" browsing mode 

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