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Instagram Uploads

The easiest ways to upload your PitchHub videos to Instagram are two-fold:

  1. Download the video from your project Media area to your computer
    1. Once downloaded, use Airdrop to move the file to your iPhone (Mac only)
    2. Once located on your iPhone in the Photo library simply open the Instagram app and click the + button to post it to your Posts, Reels or Videos area (depending on the duration)
  2. Once the file is downloaded to a computer visit:
    1. Log in to your account
    2. Click your profile in the upper corner
    3. Click the + button
    4. Select the computer downloaded video file from your computer (often in downloads or desktop folder)
    5. Go through a few screens clicking Next to customize the post details
    6. When you get to the last screen click Share to post it to your Instagram profile
    7. Once posted you can also edit it at anytime.

Here is a help article from Instagram

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