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Working with Scripts - Instructions

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Instructions provide a way to communicate how media should be aligned with a script during the video editing process. This capability is key for reducing emails and other communications, when trying to express how you would like the video to be put together.

Introduction (1:42)

Tutorial (18:14)


  1. To begin either select a script or create a new one(Creating a new project and script)
  2. Once in the edit field, on a blank row a + symbol indicates that a block can be added
  3. Or you can highlight text within a paragraph, which you want the instruction to be applied to:
  4. Instructions are saved automatically after closing the Instruction screen


Below are script options to perform a wide variety of tasks pertaining to the script content only.

Click the + on the left side of the script box (per new line) and these options will appear as icons listed from left to right.





Add a reference to a video, select from any previously uploaded video file


Add a reference an audio file, select from any previously uploaded audio file


Add a reference to a media image, select any previously uploaded image file

Text overlay

Specify text to be shown in the video


Display the text title of someone in the video

Editor note

Add a note that only the video editor will see to instruct them

Name in script

Insert the name of the project's owner or organization, into the script text


Add a reference to a media document (e.g. PDF, PowerPoint), select any previously uploaded document file image file


In the Preview tab, you can see how the script will read in the teleprompter, shown without the instructions information.

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