Using the Camera

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  • The Camera is accessible in Studio mode, for all non-IOS platforms.
  • It can be synchronized with the Teleprompter so that when the camera is recording the Teleprompter is active
  • The Camera recording supports Voice Scroll mode for the Teleprompter
  • Camera recording are automatically uploaded into the selected Project
  • You can change the title of a recording
  • If you do not want to use a video, you can easily delete it
  • The camera is limited to recording for 20 minutes


  1. Go into Studio mode
  2. Setup the Teleprompter settings first, while the Prompter tab is selected
  3. Select the Camera tab
  4. You will be prompted to Allow the Camera and Audio to be used
  5. If possible, you should allow the camera and audio to be used for Always This avoids having to approve them each time you use the Camera.
  6. Now you should see the Camera settings & view
  7. The setting Sync Teleprompter allows the teleprompter to be started/stopped when the camera recording starts/stops
  8. Press the white circle to start and stop recording

Other Camera Settings



Recording timer

Handles both the Countdown Delay and recording duration

Audio Level

In Camera mode, the audio level is always shown so that you can ensure your audio is recording OK.

Camera selector

Let's you chose between different cameras on your system (e.g. front or back camera)


A list of recordings that are made since you started the Studio mode

Top View

Allows you to choose what content is shown in the top of the screen

Bottom View

Allows you to choose what content is shown in the bottom-right area of the screen

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