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PitchHub Teleprompter Studio Zoom App

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PitchHub Teleprompter Studio Zoom App

The PitchHub Teleprompter Studio is a Zoom app that can run the teleprompter inside of Zoom. Please see this page for more information about the features.

Getting Started

  • Note that all "Zoom Apps" can only be ran on desktop computers
  • Click here to view the app landing page, or search for "PitchHub" in the Zoom App Marketplace
  • After loading the app, run it under Apps then My Apps
  • Enter your email address then click Subscribe & Continue
  • Start a Zoom meeting by clicking Start Meeting
  • The first time the app loads during a meeting, it will be locked to the right side of the screen
    • Click the "..." menu in the upper-right then choose Pop Out
  • Move & size the window to how you want it
  • Paste text for your script
  • Change the visual settings (e.g. Font size)
  • Click play to start playing the teleprompter and adjust the Scroll Speed to match your speaking rate.
  • See this help page for a full list of teleprompter settings
    • Note: not all settings are available in the Zoom App
  • Example of screen shot during a Zoom meeting


  • The support team's hours of operation:
    • 9AM-PT to 5PM-PT, Monday through Friday on U.S. non-holidays
  • First response goal
    • 1 business day
  • Chat
    • To communicate with support, please use the chat widget in the lower right side of this help page
  • Email
  • Phone number
    • Not available

Uninstalling the Zoom App

  • In your Zoom's App screen, click Manage or go to
  • In the Added Apps section, click Remove on the row for PitchHub Teleprompter Studio
  • Click Remove
  • Observe the confirmation message

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