What is PitchHub Studio?

What is PitchHub Studio?

PitchHub Studio is our proprietary content management tool to support video creators and project editors in order to create a truly great workflow for your business. Here are some of the top features to know about.

Features & Summary

In PitchHub Studio, collaborators can:

  • Upload a variety of media files: photos, videos, documents, audio files
  • Rename media files for ease of use, and to clearly direct attention to the video editors to help the process
  • Copy and paste existing scripts or create new text scripts, edit for changes and add content
  • Display a script on the Teleprompter (Studio) for professional video recording
  • Video transcription files (SRT format) will be created by video editors, and can be utilized as options to help increase the value of the online content and to improve SEO search results
  • Add media references into the script to assist video editors to identify when and where to place media into the video
  • Add editor notes and comments to clearly communicate with the video editors
  • Utilize subtitles and speaker titles to add value to the viewer

At PitchHub, we aim to support your creativity with easy-to-use, sophisticated video editing tools to streamline the entire editing workflow and enable the creative usage of multimedia. Our goal to get your videos into the online world faster, smoother... and simply better!

To request a PitchHub Studio demo please contact us.

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