Using California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.) Content

Tutorial C.A.R. Member Video

This applies to C.A.R. members only in partnership with the California Association of Realtors. Agents must have an active membership with CAR to gain access.


With your C.A.R. membership, you can view pre-created scripts & media inside PitchHub, then make a copy for yourself and customize your own video.   Doing this saves you the trouble of creating your own content from scratch. 


  • First you must be an active C.A.R. member
  • Whether or not you are a PitchHub member already, click this link once:
  • Once you are logged in, you can view the C.A.R. content under the Projects area, in a section called Published Projects. If you do not see Published Projects, ensure you've clicked the correct link on the site, click the link in the bullet step above.
  • At this point, you can see the list of available projects, which contains the project overview, the script details and associated media. Click into one that you are interested in to view it
  • The Overview tab summarizes the project and content. The Scripts tab shows the script text & related instructions.The Media tab shows the media that is associated to the script such as images and videos.  Please note: all images are watermarked with Canva because they are free images and you will need to create a free account in order to agree to their terms of service.  Later, when your video is created, PitchHub will remove the watermarks.
  • If you want to make your own copy of a script project for yourself, then you can click the Duplicate Project button. Simply customize and change the Project Name if you want to and click the Duplicate button one more time.
  • You will be brought to the new copy of this project inside your account, and here you can modify the script text and manage the media.  
  • When you are happy with the script you can use all of the available PitchHub features including Studio Mode, the Teleprompter, and the advanced Script tools. 
  • After recording a video you can click Request Video Edit to notify a professional editor who will edit your custom video.

If you have additional questions or concerns email us at subject: CAR script help if you have an issue regarding the website and your membership please contact them directly.

Thank you.

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